MURTA Supports the Override



To all MURTA Members –

This is just a reminder as this has been announced at recent building meetings:

Please be advised that if you have a child who is graduating this year from any high school (not just Nipmuc), your child is eligible to apply for a MURTA scholarship. The form can be found through the following link to apply for this MURTA Scholarship.

Mendon Upton Regional Teachers Association

Scholarship Information

The Mendon Upton Regional Teachers Association sponsors the following three scholarships:

The Paul Daigle Leadership Scholarship: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated leadership over four years as a class officer, member of student government, or captain of a team.

The Janet A. Porter Memorial Scholarship: Given by her family and friends to students who have shown a love of learning, a love and respect for people, and a love of sports throughout their school years and plan to attend a four year college.