Roll Back Standardized Testing


The Senate will vote the week of July 7 (this week) on a new federal education law to replace “No Child Left Behind.” The bill ends federally mandated high stakes for schools and teachers. That’s big progress for assessment reformers! But the proposal maintains annual testing in grades 3-8. Senator Tester’s amendment will end that counter-productive policy.

Ask Senator Markey and Senator Warren to vote for Senator Jon Tester’s amendment to reduce federally mandated standardized testing from every-kid-every-year to once each in elementary, middle and high schools. Send this letter or call your Senators today. (For phone numbers, see http://www/; Tester introduced his amendment as bill number S.1025.)

Every senator matters. Send this letter: Roll Back Standardized Testing

The Override Passed!

The Override Passed!
We just can’t say that enough!
The final tally was 1112 YES and 893 NO!


This was a big effort that brought together all facets of our school community: parents, school committee, teachers, paraprofessionals, administration, and alumni, who were all focused on a shared vision of moving forward. We are grateful to everyone who participated in meetings, making phone calls, and holding signs. We are excited to move forward together as we begin the 2015/2016 school year. Until then, enjoy your summer!